Hi, I'm Meli... Welcome to the Tractor School.

I'll be your instructor     Gene claims that you guys would rather have a female instructor teaching this class on John Deere tractors, instead of HIM doing it. So, I thought I'd take a shot at it. Even if you don't learn ANYTHING else today, I want you to know THIS: You can still get owner's manuals and parts catalogs for the two-cylinder tractors. To find out more about this, click HERE.
   Once you get the manuals for your tractors and equipment, you'll wonder how you ever got along WITHOUT them!
Click here for service on magnetos, starters and generators for vintage tractors    There's no tuition here at "Meli's Tractor School" due to the generosity of Mainely Magnetos - our sponsor. If your magneto needs to be rebuilt, or if you need parts, please visit their website and see what they can do for YOU.

The Lesson Plan

First of all, this is a little introduction to tractor collecting. WHY would anybody want to use a tractor that has been obsolete for almost 50 years.

Click HERE to find out WHY people collect tractors.
What was the FIRST John Deere tractor??
What's an unstyled tractor?
What's a styled tractor?
How do you tell the early "Letter Series" row-crop tractors apart?

   There are no less than 27 Models of John Deere two-cylinder tractors and UMPTEEN variations of each. Learn how to tell them all apart HERE on "Meli's Johnny Popper Identification Page".

The FIRST LESSON in the course is a short "History of the Model B Tractor". Along with that, here is a little lesson on the history of the John Deere logo.

In the SECOND LESSON, we will dissect a late Model B and see what makes it tick. LQQKY HERE

The THIRD LESSON will show that the Model B can still be of practical use, especially on a "hobby farm":


Let's get to WORK! In the FOURTH LESSON you'll get some helpful hints about the Model B, its parts, and about the implements of the period.

The FIRST thing you should do!!
How to install and time the magneto.
Where to get your magneto FIXED.
How to adjust the clutch.
How to get those rear wheels off!
Removing the carburetor nozzle.
Do you have all the parts to your shutters?
Does your plow refuse to stay lifted?
How do I get the FLYWHEEL off?
How NOT to load a trailer.
NEW... Part of this lesson will be "MELI'S BLACKBOARD"... A series of chalktalks on frequently asked questions and troubleshooting hints. Stay tuned for new ones!
Where is the SERIAL NUMBER located?
Are my SPARKPLUGS bad?
What is my tractor WORTH?
How do I get the HOOD off?
Where is the CIRCLE B decal?
I STILL can't get the @#%&#! WHEELS off!
If you have a question and you haven't seen it listed above, please check out the "TIP OF THE WEEK" page. This is where you'll find NEW hints, tips, and advice. Another new page is added (almost) every week.

And finally, in the FIFTH LESSON, you'll get:

Serial numbers and Model years
Important part changes during production

Shop Class

    Great restorations are ten percent inspiration and ninety percent PERSPIRATION!! You'll be spending MOST of your time working in the "shop". Whenever you have a question, click HERE.

Field Trips!!

    MAINELY MAGNETOS. Do you need your magneto, or generator, or starter rebuilt?? Well then, click here to go to Belanger's Auto Electric and find an EXCELLENT source for all of your needs!!

    TONY'S TRACTORS is a site where you can actually BUY three-point hitches, wheel rims and other aftermarket parts for antique tractors.

    Brandon's WEIRD DEERE website is about the YELLOW John Deere tractors. Not designed as "construction equipment", they are industrial versions of the agricultural John Deere tractors. You've seen them used for road maintainence, in factories, foundries, other businesses, and yeah... for construction work!


Extracurricular Activities!!

Keep READING!!     If you don't already belong to a club, I urge you to join one and become active in it. This is Gene's club, the Central Mass. Steam, Gas & Machinery Association. Each year, in June, the club's show features an engine and a tractor belonging to one of the members. In 1999 the featured tractor was, believe it or not, the Model B! And no.... It wasn't even Gene's tractor! (One of HIS was featured in 1995). The featured engine was the John Deere type "E".

Required Reading!!

    Click HERE to see the books that are available specifically for the Model B, and also for the two-cylinder tractors in general.


    Now, for your homework assignment: I'd like you to keep an eye out for any John Deere web sites that Gene doesn't already have on his links page. Take a look at the LINKS PAGE. If you know of any pages that are NOT there, you can email Gene at his EMAIL PAGE; or, if you like, you can email ME at MY email page. I might just give you an "extra credit" assignment if you do!
Pay attention!!      

The Library

    The Research Library continues to grow, and of course, we have the internet as one of our resources. To find out more, click HERE.

Meli's Office

  • Special help
  • Guidance counselling
  • Progress reports
    You better need help REAL BAD before you dare to set foot in HERE!! (Just kidding, come on in and say "Hello")


   Once AGAIN, exceptional tractor websites will be placed on the HONOR ROLL. The qualifications for acceptance are listed on the AWARDS PAGE. See who the winners are, right HERE!!


    You will be notified of the schedule of final exams, but there can be a Johnny "POP" quiz at ANY time!! In fact, it's about time your knowledge of the Model B was tested!! Click HERE!!

"School Days"
Words by Will D. Cobb, music by Gus Edwards

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