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Welcome to my office!      It's time for you to test your knowledge!! All of the "Pop Quizzes" will be given here in my office where I can keep an eye on you! The following questions are either true or false. I haven't quite figured out how to make this quiz "self correcting" so you are going to have to hand in your papers for grading. To make it easy for you, just send me an email with a string of T's and F's representing YOUR answers to the questions. Kind of like THIS:

          Dear Meli,

              T T T T T T T T T F

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     I'll answer you by email and I'll tell you how well you did. Then I'll send you to a page that will tell you more about the right (or wrong) answer.


Okay, here are your questions - TRUE or FALSE??
  1. The Model B tractor was the largest selling tractor in John Deere's history.
  2. The Model B had the longest production run in John Deere's history.
  3. The Model B was an upgrade of the Model A and is bigger and more powerful.
  4. The size of the Model B's engine was increased twice during its production run.
  5. All of the Model B's produced were "tricycle type" tractors.
  6. The model B was discontinued when John Deere developed the "New Generation" of multi-cylinder tractors.
  7. All of the Model B's had two fuel tanks for "All Fuel" capability.
  8. The Model B should always have a "B in a circle" decal next to the grill.
  9. The Model B was never available with a three-point hitch.
  10. This quiz is TOO easy.

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