The Late Styled Model B, 1947-1952

   These cutaway pictures were located in the last few pages of the 1947 brochure. This was the year the Model A and the Model B were modified and updated. The major visible changes were the pressed steel side frame, the fully enclosed flywheel, and the upholstered seat-battery box.
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   1. Tapered hood affords unexcelled view of work on both sides of tractor.

   2. Flywheel and electric starter are fully enclosed for safety and convenience.

   3. Rear wheels fully adjustable for any setting between 56 and 88 inches.

   4. New, exclusive two-cylinder engine gives greater economy and greater simplicity throughout engine and tractor. Available in two types.

   5. Engine, transmission, and many other parts are correspondingly larger, heavier, stronger for greater dependability, longer life, lower maintenance costs.

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   6. New, adjustable cushion seat is more comfortable. Platform is roomier.

   7. All controls are within easy reach of the operator from seat or platform.

   8. New crankcase ventilation system supplies clean air without servicing.

   9. Gauges - oil pressure, water temperature, and ammeter - are visible from seat.

   10. Two fuel tanks for standard-compression models; one for high-compression models.

   11. Efficient oil-wash air cleaner, fuel and oil filters are standard equipment.

   12. Radiator shutter, controlled from tractor seat, regulates water temperature.

   13. Electric starter and lights. Battery located under seat; easily serviced.

   14. Shock-proof automotive-type steering provides quick, easy, safe control.

   15. New Powr-Trol or power lift controls integral equipment from rock shaft.

   16. Gear-driven fan assures positive air flow through radiator. No belt.

   17. New Powr-Trol remote cylinder provides fast, effortless control of drawn implements.

   18. New-type swinging drawbar quickly and easily adjusted in or out, high or low, without tools.

   19. Efficient power shaft is shielded for safety and runs in a bath of oil. Standard equipment.

   20. Transmission and differential sealed in a dust-proof case and automatically lubricated.

   21. Positive, force-feed oiling system thoroughly lubricates all engine parts.

   22. Automatic thermo-siphon system of engine temperature control. No water pump, thermostat.

   23. Ball and roller bearings at all important points reduce friction and wear.

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