The Model B Workshop

Meli     Welcome to the Model B Workshop! Your own workshop can be as fancy as a heated "tin building" with a concrete floor, or as simple as a barn shed with a dirt floor. For that matter, plenty of good work has been done on Model B's under a shady tree! (Painting under these conditions is not recommended on account of bugs landing in the fresh paint.)
    This workshop is, of course, a virtual one, but we have copies of all of the service manuals and parts catalogs for the Model B. We will strive to answer ANY question, as long as it is specific to the Model B. If you need to know how much your tractor is worth, please look here.
    If your question concerns a piece of John Deere equipment OTHER than the Model B tractor, please check out the Research Library. If you have a question about equipment by some OTHER manufacturer, you are invited to place a free "information wanted" ad on THIS PAGE. This tactic has been known to work VERY well!!


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