The Plow

   I have an antique plow. When I tried to lift it out of the ground, I pulled the rope and it lifted; but instead of locking, it clicked and and went back down again. Do you know any solutions for my problem?
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Hi ya,
    You might be just holding on to the rope TOO long. A roller mechanism has to catch in a space between two cams inside the hub. If you hold the rope too long the follower will just climb up the next cam. Try just giving it one quick yank, and LET GO!! Then, when it's UP, a quick yank will make it drop; but if you hold the rope too long, it'll climb right back up again!
    If it still doesn't work right, something is sticking or worn out or broken inside the hub. Squirt EVERYTHING with oil. Fill the thing with oil if there is a filler hole, and grease any fittings. If it STILL sticks, guess what; you gotta take it apart and see what's wrong!!
    Take the hub off the left wheel that has the cams machined in (or cast) inside the hub. The high part of the cams can wear to the point where the roller mechanism will not catch firmly enough. If you can't find a replacement part you can have the old one welded on the high part and re-ground to size.


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