QUESTION: My tractor runs great, but the next time I go to start it, it won't start unless I put new plugs in it!!

Pay Attention!!!
I'm trying, I'm TRYING!!

Bad spark plugs???

    Don't forget, that engine never was 100% efficient even when it was new. Its age makes it even LESS so. If the tractor doesn't always get worked hard enough to get really HOT, it's never going to burn its fuel completely, and carbon deposits are going to form on the plugs.
    What we do around here is keep some extra spark plugs sandblasted clean, and put them in whenever the tractor is hard to start. Old ones can be used over and over again! It makes a big difference! Just washing the plugs in gasoline or just wirebrushing them will NOT remove the carbon deposits; BELIEVE me! When I say sandblasted, I mean use a fine glass bead shot; it feels like talcum powder to your fingers. It can't possibly hurt the plugs; just make sure it is cleaned off the plugs so none of it gets in the engine.

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