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    By FAR the best thing you can do for yourself and your tractor is buy the Operator's Manual and the Parts Catalog. Special Editions of the ones that are underlined are available from Davenport Tractor. You can order them ONLINE!
   The following links point directly to the pages where you can order these manuals Just for example, I'm listing the available manuals for my favorite tractor, the Model B. There are three different operator's manuals:
Dir.-313 Model B Operator's Manual (1935 to 1938)
OM-R2005 Model B Operator's Manual (1939 to 1946)
OM-R2006 Model B Operator's Manual (1947 to 1952)

Two Parts Catalogs:
PC-676 Model B Parts Catalog (1935 to 1938)
PC-330 Model B Parts Catalog (1939 to 1952)

And one Service Manual:
SM-2004 Model "B" Tractor Service Manual

This general service manual is also VERY handy to have for ANY two-cylinder John Deere:
SM-2000 Tractors and Engines (General) Service Manual
    Davenport Tractor has an ever-growing line of manuals for two-cylinder, and early "New Generation" John Deeres. Please check their site to see what is available. A starting point for the list of all of the manuals and parts catalogs that are available is on THIS page, HERE...

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