How to ID an Unstyled Rowcrop Tractor

Two Model G Tractors

Question: What's the difference between an unstyled tractor and a styled tractor?

     The tractor on the right is an early Model G; it is unstyled. That means it has no sheetmetal parts except for a simple hood that protects the fuel tank. You can see the radiator.
     The tractor on the left is a later version of the Model G. It is styled, which means it has grills in front of the radiator and a hood that is shaped to blend into those grills. It's as simple as that!!

Question: How do I tell an unstyled A from an unstyled B from an unstyled G??

     If you could line them up side by side, the size difference would be obvious. The G is the largest, then the A, then the B. When you see one alone there is nothing to compare the size to, so we will look at other details. The surest and easiest way to tell is to sneak up to the tractor and read the serial number plate. When that's not possible, focus on the intake stack, the exhaust stack, and the steering post.

G Steering Post      The Model G has the two stacks side by side and the steering post has a removable plate on the front which unbolts with four bolts.

A Steering Post A Steering Post
     The Model A has the stacks side by side but the steering post is smooth in the front and it unbolts from the back.

B Steering Post      On the Model B the stacks are side by side but the exhaust stack is staggered slightly AHEAD of the intake stack. The steering post unbolts from the front, but the little plate only has TWO bolts.

     This method is foolproof even if the stacks are missing and you can't get close enough to count the bolts. You should still be able to see the holes in the hood where the stacks should be. The exhaust stack is always on the right if you are sitting in the tractor seat.

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