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Hi, I'm Meli,
     Do you like the new John Deere logo?? I kinda THOUGHT you would!! It was completely redesigned in 2000!! I'm sorry, but I can't wear the logo on my swimsuit. The "Leaping Deer" logos are the exclusive property of Deere & Co. (But I bet you STILL like the swimsuit!!)
     SO many people have asked me about the changes in the logo, I'd like to direct you to where you can learn more about them. The history of the logo can be found on a page at the John Deere website. If you want to go there and learn MORE, just click the link "Deere Logos" at the left.
     In order to prevent competitors from using their logos, Deere and Co. can't allow people to display their "trademarks". That even goes for those of us who IDOLIZE their products. If you think it's okay to display the logos on your website because you are not using them to SELL anything, think AGAIN!!

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    If, at some point in time, that John Deere's logo page should be GONE, then email me and I'll send you some information. I just can't show the logos on HERE.

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