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    Welcome to the MOST important page of "Meli's Tractor School". What we do here is help you find parts and services for your tractor and share the answer to a frequently asked restoration question.

    Hi Meli... I have a chance to acquire a couple of antique tractors made by companies that no longer exist. Where on earth would I get parts for them???

    Just go to STEINER TRACTOR PARTS. They have all of the "expendible" parts for antique tractors in several different colors. Take a look HERE.

    Click HERE to see all of our tips about the IGNITION SYSTEM on the antique John Deere two-cylinder tractors.

    Click HERE to get another important tip.
How do I recognize when someone sends a SCAM answer to a classified ad that I have posted??

   Meli... Can the scammers scam me if they buy something from me and pay by Paypal?

    Once they put money in your Paypal account, the money is YOURS; but watch out, they can TRICK you into thinking that they have deposited money. Read more about this, HERE.

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