The No.101 Plow

     This was my first attempt at plowing; it was less than a year after I started collecting tractors. The ground was uneven and full of roots. The plow went pretty much where IT wanted to go!
     The tractor is a 1946 John Deere Model B with electric start. (See the long hood in the third picture?) The plow is a John Deere No. 101 two-way trailer plow. You use one bottom at a time each time you turn around. That way all of the furrows are turned in the same direction. They say this is very important when you are plowing along the side of a hill.
     I had to do a lot of harrowing before this field was ready to plant! This piece of ground is always wet, and it rained just after I plowed it. Now I can see why the last owner left it so uneven; it was probably never dry enough to harrow!

    A trailer plow sometimes has a mind of its own, and doesn't always follow the tractor, especially if there are roots and rocks in the ground! There is, however, a safety feature on the hitch. If you hit a rock and come to a dead stop, a spring will allow the hitch to unhook. This prevents the tractor from doing a wheelie and flipping over!


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