Why collect tractors anyway??

    There is a certain satisfaction in collecting anything that has "antique" value. It is even MORE enjoyable if the item still "works" and can be enjoyed in the manner in which it was originally used. Think about sitting at an old roll-top desk and writing your Christmas cards. Imagine peeling apples with an 1883 apple peeler, or winding up a Victrola and playing a 78 rpm record. Picture your beaming face if you were to drive around in an antique automobile!
    There are several reasons why people collect antique tractors and implements. One of the most common reasons is that they were brought up on a farm, or STILL live on a farm, and the tractors bring back good memories. Another good reason is that some people have decided to "return to the land" and an old tractor is still a practical machine for occasional use doing the chores. The prevalant reason around HERE is that guys like to monkey around with old mechanical junk and see if they can save it from the scrapyard for a few more years!!
    So, if you fall into one of these catagories, rest assured, you are NOT ALONE!! If you have other, more practical reasons for your interest in old tractors; well... welcome to the CLUB too! Be advised though, you will probably spend more time working ON the tractor than you will working WITH it!

Heh heh heh!!  

HEY, who drew that???

    Okay!!! Who's the WISE GUY?? Is that picture supposed to be ME?? If I ever catch whoever has been writing on the blackboard, you'll be staying after school for a WEEK!! And you won't just be clapping erasers or sandblasting sparkplugs either!! You'll be degreasing transmission cases and differential housings!! THEN we'll see who ends up SMELLY!!!
I'll GET you!!!      
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