The above illustration shows the John Deere Model "JB" Tractor Disk Harrow. The drawing was taken from original advertising literature, and is as old as the harrow itself
    The next couple of pages show a few shots of me, harrowing the garden the old fashioned way. The tractor is a 1943 John Deere Model B, a hand-start "early styled" type. The harrow hitches to the drawbar with just a clevis.

Harrowing asparagus stubble

    This old piece of equipment does a pretty good job of turning most light weeds and stubble into the ground. For heavy weeds and turf, though, it's better to plow first.
     Oh... You might be wondering why I call this implement a "Harrow", and not a "Disk". Well... I have the owner's manuals for these implements, and the John Deere Company calls them "Disk Harrows" right on the cover. Look at it this way: it is a TYPE of harrow that has DISKS instead of TINES. Take a look HERE for proof!

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