Hi, I'm Meli.

I have my own little tractor!

I'm gonna run you OVER!!
My tractor is a FUN tractor.
It's a 1939 John Deere Model H,
older than YOU and ME put together!
I'll race you out to the garden!!
The Model H is smaller than a Model B.
It's easier to start up,
and it's a LOT more fun to drive!
Isn't this a cute little tractor??!!
This tractor is just MY size!!!!
It's GREAT for gardening chores.
It almost makes them FUN!
I can't WAIT to get my garden started!!
See you later, I'm going to drive it around a bit!
And I'll have fun, fun, FUN 'til my
Daddy takes the John Deere away!

"Fun, Fun, Fun"

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