QUESTION: I'm having a problem getting the wheels off my 1949 JD. I made a puller just like the one described on your "Wheels" page and the hub won't budge. Should I heat the hub?

    Yes, heating the hub might just break it loose for you and get it started moving. Nobody ever said this was going to be EASY. That hub is going to absorb a LOT of heat. Your propane torch will NEVER do it; use an acetylene torch. Just don't beat on the hub when it's hot; it will deform the parts and make things WORSE!

Pay Attention!!!
Make this tool!!

ANOTHER QUESTION: I can't get the cast wheel off the hub. I got the nuts off but are the square headed bolts threaded into the cast wheel?

    Nope, they are just STUCK. They fit VERY tightly!! What I did was make a "bolt driver" tool. Take an extra nut and weld the face of it to a scrap piece of shaft, so that what you have is a "dead end hole", like the picture I drew here on the blackboard. Then screw that tool onto the end of each bolt until the threads bottom out in the hole. That way the threads won't smoosh when you give it a sharp blow with your "persuader".


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