John Deere Model B
Changes of major parts

   In general, the only way to differentiate one year Model B from the next is by looking at the serial number. The following chart lists many of the the major parts changes that were made during the course of Model B production. A few of these DO correspond to the change in the model year. These changes can be used as a guide in determining the approximate year of your tractor if the serial number plate is missing.
   The chart can also be used to determine if someone has replaced parts on your tractor with later ones that don't belong on a tractor with that serial number - or "retro-fitted" it, so to speak.
   Notice that the two uses of the chart may be mutually exclusive. If you don't have a serial number, and someone has used parts that don't belong on that year, you are out of luck! And I won't even attempt to list the changes in wheel equipment; entire wheels are often swapped, just to get better tires!
   This is certainly not all of even the major parts changes that took place. More will be added to this list as they are discovered. Minor changes may be added too.

YearSerial NumberChanges in major parts at serial #:
19351000 1509 Last fuel-filler on centerline of tractor
3043 Last 4 bolt front pedestal
11506 Rear axles lengthened
193612012 12743 First factory installed heat gauge
193727389 29631 New front hubs available,
to accept pressed steel wheels.
34951 Last curtain radiator shutter
42133 Last loop drawbar
42133 Last short frame
42200 First long frame
193846175 58246 Last 1938 B
193960000 60000 Tractor becomes styled
60000 Tractors with starter have slant dash
63479 Last aircleaner with two wingnuts
194081000 82447 PTO guard is redesigned
194196000 96000 Major engine change
6-speed transmission begins
Tractors with starter have straight dash
1943136315 136662 Wartime cast iron frame starts
148500 Pressurized cooling system begins
1944149219 149699 Last 2 piece sliding drawbar
149700 First 1 3/8 dia. PTO shaft
1945167700 167000 Angle-iron frame begins again
167000 Last breather with short flat stack
167000 Copper radiator core returns (unpressurized)
167010 First breather with mushroom cap
171992 Fan assembly redesigned
1946179788 186133 Last oldstyle drawbar frame
1947191303 201000 Major redesign
Larger engine with 4 11/16 bore
First pressed steel frame
First padded seat with battery box
1949230044 232468 Brake drum now unbolts from the outside
1950253025 259525 Second plug added to Reduction Gear Cover
260518 Gearshift quadrant changes to two-piece
260984 First square rear axle housing
268820 Distributer becomes standard equipment
1952293030 306600 First water pump

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