Radiator Shutters

QUESTION: Meli..... Could you please tell me how the linkage attaches from the shutter lever to the shutters on an unstyled Model B?
Pay Attention!!!  

    The shutters work like Venetian blinds, only SIDEWAYS. As I describe the parts by number, take a look at them in this illustration from the parts book. Then find the same parts in the photo of the model B down below.


    Part #2 is the operating bar. It has holes in it for the slats (#11). When this bar moves back and forth, the slats open and close. Notice the little stud sticking up from the middle of it. Two things attach to that stud: the spring (#3A), and the operating link (#4). Now look in the photo and you can see them just behind the steering post. The OTHER end of the link is attached to the bell crank (#5). The bell crank pivots on a bracket (#6) on the corner of the shutter assembly. See it?? The other side of the bell crank is attached to the control rod (#14). The crank is what allows the motion of the linkage to "turn the corner". The control rod is usually attached to the side of the hood with a guide clip (#15), although this photo doesn't show one. The rear end of the control rod is, of course, attached to the control lever (#9) with an adjustable end (#13). Part #12 is the bracket for the control handle.
    And there you HAVE it!!
Shutter linkage

"Those Oldies But Goodies"
Little Caesar and the Romans, 1961

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