I am having trouble with the hood. How do I get it off of the tractor? Do I need to take off the steering rod?

Pop the hood??
This hood won't come OFF!!
NOT an easy job!!!
Pay Attention!!!

    To remove the hood you need to remove the grills and the medallion - the sheetmetal thing that covers the steering post. You need to disconnect the fuel tanks. (They will come off with the hood.) You need to remove the little front cover from the steering post and loosen the packing-nut behind the steering post. You need to remove the steering wheel. (Do not BEAT on it; use a wheel PULLER!) Then slide the steering shaft out through the FRONT of the steering post. You will also need to disconnect and/or remove other miscellaneous small parts like the throttle linkage, the shutter controlrod and links, and the dashboard endcap or battery box sides (if so equipped).
    All of this explains why most of the hoods look like they have been opened with a can-opener around the muffler. You need to do all this stuff to remove the hood just to change the muffler!!!

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