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Meli     Welcome to the Research Library. We have plenty of books here, but we don't know EVERYTHING! We, of course, also have access to the internet; but then, so do YOU! You may have already noticed that not EVERYTHING is on the internet. If it WAS, you probably would have found it already; and you wouldn't be reading THIS! If you have a question about John Deere tractors or implements, we will try to find the answer for you; but there are NO guarantees. If you can be patient, we'll find out whatever we can. Why are we doing this?? Because sometimes when you are required to research a question you would not, yourself, even THINK of asking, you learn all KINDS of interesting things that you would not otherwise stumble upon by yourself!!

Meli     There are TWO questions you might ask that are going to require you to get up off that couch and do a little "leg work". If you need to know how much your tractor is worth, please look here. If you need to identify an old horse-drawn implement, and all you have are part numbers, we probably can't help you... BUT....

    You can try writing to the Archives Department. What you'll have to do is describe the implement in detail. Especially, describe some of the major cast-iron parts, and give them the part numbers that are stamped or cast into them.

John Deere
Attn: Archives Dept.
1 John Deere Place
Moline, IL 61265

    Now..... If you need to identify an old tractor-drawn implement or another piece of equipment of that vintage, then we MIGHT be able to help. Email me your best description of the item. Find, and give me, THREE or more part numbers that are on prominent parts of the item. I will look up the parts in the "Master Parts Index" and see if I can find an item that has all of those parts on it. Fair enough??

    If you have a question about equipment by some OTHER manufacturer, you are invited to place a free "information wanted" ad on THIS PAGE. This tactic has been known to work VERY well!!

So..... Email me....

If you don't have a question, you can return to the school and see what you can learn...


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