The Flywheel Wrench
for the John Deere Model B

It's not EASY to get the flywheel off QUESTION: Could you tell me what kind of tool I need in order to get the flywheel off of my John Deere Model B? I have everything loose except the two bolts that clamp the flywheel to the splines of the crankshaft itself.

ANSWER: You're talking about a Model B BEFORE serial number 201000 where the bolts are BEHIND the flywheel, right? Yes, there was a special wrench that came with the tractor. It's a weird, contorted looking thing!! You'll see pictures of it right here.
    However... The first time I took a flywheel off, I managed to do it with an ordinary ratchet and a socket. I think I kept taking the socket off the nut and moving it ahead one tooth to get another click, because there isn't enough room behind there to move the handle a full click.

Part number H512R, the flywheel wrench     This diagram, from the parts catalog, shows the part number of the special wrench. At serial number 201000, the clamping bolts were moved to the OUTSIDE of the flywheel, so a special wrench was no longer necessary. I'm not sure about the significance of the FIRST number because the same flywheel was used from number 96000 to 200999. The flywheel that was used before that was a little bit smaller but JUST as difficult to remove! On Model B's after serial number 201,000 the flywheel bolts are on the outside of the flywheel and are easy to remove.

The Actual Wrench

A three-view drawing of the flywheel wrench
    The top view is as if the wrench is on the floor and you are looking down at it. Just below it is what you would see if you got your eyeball right down on the floor and looked at the front edge of the top view. On the right is what you would see from down on the floor if you looked at the wrench from the right side.

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