Hey Meli...
   Is it still possible to find parts for a John Deere tractor that hasn't been made for over 50 years?
   You will be VERY surprised to find out that John Deere still makes many of the "consumable" parts for these tractors. Other parts are made by "aftermarket" manufacturers, and there are a LOT of old Johnny Poppers in salvage yards!

   Okay... There's a John Deere dealer not too far away, but where do I go to find the OTHER parts?

    The following businesses are sponsors of and Meli's Tractor School. They sell parts, John Deere merchandise, and related services. Please click on these links and see what they have to offer. If they have something YOU need, please support them.

Tony's Tractors
Mainely Magnetos
Steiner Tractor Parts
Iron Classics
Old Millmac
Green Farm Parts

   Anywhere ELSE?

   The people who make this site possible are listed above. What you ALSO need to do is get a magazine for John Deere collectors and you'll be able to see up-to-date ads for all KINDS of parts and services. That INCLUDES the salvage yards. There are two excellent collector's magazines available, and I guess I'm giving them free advertising, but you really shouldn't be WITHOUT them!
Green Magazine
2652 Davey Road
Bee, NE 68314-6269
Two-Cylinder Magazine
PO Box 430
Grundy Center, Iowa 50638

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