John Deere Model B Owner's Manual

John Deere is one of the largest manufacturers of tractors and other agricultural machinery. Many of the John Deere's owner's manuals can still be purchased as reprints. There is one manual that you absolutely must have; that is, all tractor collectors should own the manual that matches their tractor.

For example, this is the owner's manual for the John Deere Model B. This particular copy is an early reprint, but new reprints of it, (with a different cover) are still available from John Deere and other sources.

Some of the information included here is:

A short History of the Model B
How to install and time the magneto
How to adjust the clutch
Serial numbers and Model years
Important part changes during production
How to get those @#%&$! wheels off!
Removing the carburetor nozzle
How to get the flywheel off
Some of the wiring
Parts diagrams from the Styled Model B Parts Catalog
Parts from the very first Model B Repair Catalog No.43-R

This brochure came out in 1947 to announce the major revisions in the John Deere Model A and Model B rowcrop tractors.

Some of the information included here is:

Cutaway Views
My Collection of Model B's
The sounds of a two-cylinder tractor!

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