Where can I get broken parts repaired?

Pay Attention!!! Pay Attention!!!     Contact Brad at MAXX INDUSTRIES by phone or email and describe your problem to him. Brad has a fully equipped machine shop and he can repair antique and vintage tractor, equipment, and car parts. He can also custom make parts for machinery and equipment.
    Here is an example of what Maxx Industries can do for you:
A common problem with cast iron carburetors on antique John Deere two cylinder tractors is that water can get into the float bowl. Then, it can freeze, and when it expands, it pushes the bowl off of the carburetor and breaks the threaded portion where the big nut goes. However... All is not lost...
On this Model G carburetor, the lower section of the part where the nozzle goes is broken. It is missing the entire lower threaded area where the big nut used to be.
Maxx Industries will bore and thread the inside of the broken portion of the carburetor and machine an insert that will replace the missing portion.
The new insert is then threaded into the carburetor. The threads on the bottom portion of the insert match the length and thread pitch of the nut that holds the bowl. The carburetor casting is FIXED!

Take a look at these other examples:

Worn out front axle spindle.
Broken fan shaft tube.
Sheet metal dashboard (With an extra hole in it).

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