Can Maxx Industries repair "tin work"?

Pay Attention!!! Pay Attention!!!     Contact Brad at MAXX INDUSTRIES by phone or email and describe your problem to him. Brad has a fully equipped machine shop and he can repair antique and vintage tractor, equipment, and car parts. He can also custom make parts for machinery and equipment.
    Here is an example of what Maxx Industries can do for you:

It looks like someone once installed an electric light switch in this dashboard. They may have used it to "ground out" the magneto, or to turn on the headlights. Anyway, it doesn't belong there.
Brad welds real steel to into the opening with a MIG welder, then , just like they do in the body shop, he primes the repair with a contrasting color primer.
When the coat of red primer can be block sanded without showing the gray primer, you'll know that there are no ripples or bumps that will show in the final coat of glossy paint.

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