Is it possible to repair a worn out front axle on a tricycle tractor?

Pay Attention!!! Pay Attention!!!     Contact Brad at MAXX INDUSTRIES by phone or email and describe your problem to him. Brad has a fully equipped machine shop and he can repair antique and vintage tractor, equipment, and car parts. He can also custom make parts for machinery and equipment.
    Here is an example of what Maxx Industries can do for you:
When the bearings on a wheel wear out and someone keeps using the machine, the bearings will chew up the axle spindle until the bearings come off of the axle and the wheel falls off.
Here is the front axle spindle of a John Deere Model H tractor. It's been cleaned up and sand blasted. The owner had driven the tractor until the wheel bearings were completely gone. The bearing races are completely destroyed.
Brad welded new steel to all of the places that had been worn away.
Then he remachined the surfaces where the wheel bearings go.

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