Hi, my name is Meli

I'm the "Putt Putt Girl"

Meli     As your tour guide to Retiredtractors.com, I get a chance to dress up in something other than farm clothes. I'm your hostess and I'm here to guide you around the place. The farmhouse here is a "website" because of all the icky old spiderwebs you walk into when you go in the barn or up in the attic.
    I'm not going to try to point out everything there is to see. That's for YOU to explore! I just want to hit some of the highlights and explain why things are the way they are. You have probably already seen the Homepage and noticed that the central theme is the advancement of the hobby of collecting antique tractors. Let me introduce you to our webmaster, Gene; just click on his NAME to meet him. Anything that is underlined is a link to another page. Since this is an exclusive tour, especially for YOU, there may not be links on those pages that point back to here; so use your "Back" button to return here after looking at them. I'm all excited because I even have my OWN tractor! LQQKY here!
Robert Frost, in person!     My MOSTEST favorite one of Gene's pages is the one where Gene has taken the best known poems by Robert Frost and illustrated them with some photographs taken around the farm. He has attempted to write some comments about the poems, much to the chagrin of highschool teachers who have sent their students out onto the net in search of intelligent life! Some of the pages are accompanied by some appropriate music, too!
    You may have also noticed that on some pages a little ad pops up in a separate window when you get there. That's because Gene has taken advantage of some of the free websites that are available. The only price he pays for that space is the banners, pop ups, and "watermarks" that you might see when you change pages. If a separate window opens up, DON'T CLOSE IT! Just click somewhere on your REGULAR window and the "pop up" will disappear behind it, NOT to be seen again.
    So, without further adieu, here's how it works: There are links on the left side of the home page that point to Gene's tractor stuff, and to his other interests. If you like old tractors, you'll find tractor links at the top of the list. My favorite ones of those are the pages that show what's going on down on the farm. Take a look here. If you'd like to have ME teach you about Model B tractors, you can attend my Tractor School.
To the Farm         If you ever get lost, just click on this little tractor symbol that you'll find on the bottom of most of the pages. It will return you to the Homepage, and from there I'm sure you can find ME! Any page with the tractor symbol is one of Gene's, even if it's on Tripod.com. If you find a page with no tractor symbol, please report it to me RIGHT HERE and I'll get after Gene to fix it!
Never mind my LEGS; take a look at the books! Take a look at the books!     Ooops, almost forgot! This is almost a commercial, but I was serious when I said you could get a book about restoring the Model B tractor! Isn't that an amazing coincidence that there is a book about the very same tractor that Gene likes the most?! If you'd like to get one, you'd be buying it from the most trusted name in e-commerce.... Amazon.com! Gene has listed all of his favorite books here. He has most of them, himself! If you like tractor books, there are some VERY nice ones here, with lots of great pictures, and valuable information. Please take a look.... pretty please??
   Oh yes..... You'll find a few of my favorite things in MY little section of the store, too!!
We grow BIG asparagus here!      
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