The No.101 Two-Way Trailer Plow

The No.101 Plow

     While my No.101 plow has steel wheels, the illustration above shows a No.101 with rubber tires. You can see the spring-loaded hitch with a clevis attached to the front of it.

     Below is the rear view of the plow. With a two-way trailer plow you only lower one bottom at a time each time you go back and forth the length of the field. That way all of the furrows are turned in the same direction. When you get to the end of the row, you pull the clutch trip rod. This engages a lift mechanism that is built into each wheel hub. As long as you are still MOVING, one half turn of the wheel will lift the plow out of the ground. After you turn around, pull the OTHER trip rod and the opposite plow bottom drops into the ground. If you pull the trip rod too long, you will do a FULL cycle and you will go down the row with the plow UP; or WORSE, you will make your turn with the plow DOWN!! How do you suppose I KNOW about this??

No.101 Plow

     The No.101 could be ordered with three different kinds of wheels. The first is a peculiar cast iron center with a replaceable rim. The next is the spoked rim for rubber tires. These were "extra cost" options. The third type is the standard steel wheel like the ones I have.


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