The Mounted Plow

The B3 Plow

     This is a B3 plow. It is also a two way plow, but it is mounted on the tractor and it is lifted by the hydraulic rockshaft. Note how the main beams are attached to the front of the tractor. If the plow should hit an immovable object, this tends to pull the nose DOWN, once again preventing a wheelie.
     This tractor is a 1939 John Deere Model B. Attaching the plow and all of its mountings the first time was an all-day project! Just detaching the plow itself and reattaching again it is not quite so bad. I just leave it attached though; I have extra tractors!
     This plow is handy for plowing gardens for people in the neighborhood, and for working in small areas.
B3 Plow

     The B3 is much easier to use than a trailer plow. You can back right up against the fence and plow the whole field.

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