Hi, my name is Miodusia

I'm Miodusia!      Don't worry, it's just me, Meli, in a Polish folk costume. This picture was taken BEFORE I went to the hairdresser and had my hair braided.
     You see, Meli, my real name, is the Greek word for "Honey". The Polish word for Honey is miód. Pronounce it "MYOOT". (The "y" is used phonetically as a consonant, a final "d" is pronounced like a "t"). It doesn't make a very pretty name until you put a diminutive feminine ending on it. When that happens, the "ó" loses it's accent mark and becomes "short". Pronounce it "myoh DOO shah", with the emphasis on the second syllable.

     Even though my Polish isn't very good, I'm going to attempt to be your hostess and your guide on the Polish pages. W porządku??

     Find out a little more about my COSTUME by clicking HERE

     If you see strange symbols instead of some of the "special" Polish letters, I might not be able to help you see them. But, if you want to try; take a look HERE.

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"Szła Dzieweczka Do Laseczka"