The Central European Font

     These pages attempt to invoke the proper type font for the Polish language. If you see strange symbols where some of the letters should be, you need to install the Central European Type Fonts.
     Windows DOES support these fonts, but they may not be installed on your system. To install Central European language support, go to your start menu, then click "Settings", then click "Control panel". Next, double click on "Add/Remove Programs". A dialog box that has three tabs will come up. Select the second tab - "Windows Setup". Scroll down to "Multilanguage Support". If the little box is not checked, you will definitely need to install it. Be sure to highlight "Multilanguage Support" to "select" it, then click on details. Now highlight "Central European language Support", be sure you have your windows disk in the CD drive, and click "OK"

     Don't forget, everybody's computer is different! If you still see strange little symbols, or still don't get ALL of the letters, the best I can do is tell you what they stand for. If there are strange symbols on the far left, the little pictures next to them will show what they are supposed to stand for. If the letters on the left MATCH the pictures on the right, you are ALL SET!

- An "a" with a kreska under it (a little hook)
- a "c" with an acute accent over it
- an "e" with a kreska under it
- an "L" with a slanted line drawn through it
- an "n" with an acute accent over it
- an "o" with an acute accent
- an "s" with an acute accent
- a "z" with an acute accent
- a "z" with a dot over it

    To make matters even WORSE - I believe the letters may look different with different versions of different browsers! Would you do me a BIG favor? If any of the letters don't match the little pictures next to them, would you email me and tell me WHICH ones don't match, and what you DO see, and which number version of Netscape or Internet Explorer you are using?


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