The John Deere Crawlers

     In 1931, the Lindeman Power Equipment Company in Yahima, Washington experimented with converting a Model D into a crawler. Beginning with the Model GP, the Lindeman brothers produced crawler tractors that were modified from orchard tractors. Several GP crawlers were built as "aftermarket modifications". If you find a GP crawler, you have a RARE tractor indeed!

The John Deere Lindeman B tractor
     The Model B crawler, shown above, is usually known as the "Lindeman B". THIS variation was factory authorized by John Deere. Model B orchard tractors without wheels were shipped to Washington and the Lindeman Company rebuilt them to look like the one above. At least 1700 of these were produced from 1939 to 1947. The worth of these tractors would be the equivalent of taking out a small business loan to help purchase one of these rare pieces of machinery.

The John Deere Model MC
     The John Deere Company bought the Lindeman Company in 1947 and by 1949 began making crawlers out of Model M tractors. These were called MC's. They were assembled in both Dubuque, Iowa and Yakima, Washington.

The John Deere Deere Model MC
     When a crawler was fitted with a blade, as shown above, THEN it was called a "bulldozer". Many times a guard was fitted to protect the grill from damage.
     The 40C, 420C and 430C would look similar to the MC except that they would have the appropriate grill and hood of the respective model. The MC's had a three roller track. Beginning with the 40C, there was a choice of either four or five rollers.

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