Antique Woodworking Tools

The Plane      This is what started my collection: an interest in woodworking, an interest in antiques, and happening to come across a wooden plane in an antique shop. It's a simple tool with a wooden wedge to hold and "adjust" the blade. But still, it closely resembles the "handyman plane" that you see in almost everyone's workshop.
     What happened next is a long story. The collection diversified into many facets beyond woodworking tools: blacksmith tools, ice tools, farm implements, cobbler's tools and kitchen tools. Instead of tooting my own horn, let's take a look at a "guest collection" that far surpasses mine.

The Planes      This collection of planes belongs to Bill Sluyter of Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. What got Bill started? His father collected antique tools. Why is Bill interested in woodworking tools? He teaches carpentry at College of New Caledonia in Prince George, BC.

The Planes

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