Click on me and see what Gene does.   Hi, I'm Meli and I'd like to show you what Gene does for a living. This page is guarded vigilantly by Spaceman Spiff. If you click on the Spaceman you can see the Michael Humphries Woodworking web site. Spiff and I will disappear.If you click on me, I'll tell you more about what Gene does.



Michael Humphries Woodworking, Inc.  
77 White Road, Warwick, MA   01378
Phone: 978-544-2694   Fax: 978-544-0040



This is where Gene works   Evidently you DIDN'T click on the spaceman, and that's why he and I are still here. You can see some of the items that Gene built by clicking on ME.Please take a peek.

AHA, I'm Spaceman SPOOF