> Hey Meli...
> I am bothering you today to ask specific questions about the
> wheels on the JD B. I have noticed any number of photos that
> have the wheel with the hub lock mounted facing inward or outward?
> Do you know what is correct? Any advantages or disadvantages to each?
> When I purchased the tractor the taper lock was bolted from the inside
> toward the outside. It could obviously go either way, what is correct?

Pressed Steel Wheel     There is no "right way" or "wrong way". It depends on how far apart you want the wheels to be spaced. There is no advantage or disadvantage. They were designed to go either way. The wheel spacing is adjustable to some extent on the splined axle. If you want the tread spaced REALLY narrow, then the hollow dish side of the wheel should face inward. If you want them REALLY wide, then the hollow side should face outward. As you can see, the pressed steel wheel, shown above, has the hub lock on the hollow dish side.
Cast Iron Wheel
    The cast iron wheel has the hub on the opposite side from the hollow dish. It doesn't matter which side the hub is on. What DOES matter is that the tread on the tires should point in the right direction. If you want to turn the wheels around from the way they are now, you should also swap them from left to right.

    If you MUST know.... the tractor comes from the factory with the hollow of the dish to the INSIDE. The hub will be on whatever side depending on the type of wheel.

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