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    Am I only allowed ONE question, or can I ask a whole bunch? Is there a difference between a tachometer and a "speed hour meter"?? Did any of the John Deere two cylinder tractors have a tachometer on them. If so, which models. Where can I get a tachometer? There must be a cable that drives the tach? What if it is broken? Are those parts still available anywhere?

Pay Attention!!! Steiner Tractor part number     STEINER TRACTOR PARTS has brand new tachometers in stock. Here's how Dan Steiner explained everything:

    Mechanical tachometers for John Deere tractors were introduced as an option on late model A, B & G tractors. Tachometers continued to be offered as an option on Waterloo built two cylinder number series models and were referred to as a speed-hour meter in the parts books.
    Beginning with the 420 the speed-hour meter was an option for Dubuque built tractors, except the stripped down 320 and 330. John Deere utilized different tachometers for the 4 and 5 speed transmissions. The 420 crawler used different tachometers than the wheel tractors as the ground speed and the RPMs were lower. Additionally, tachometers were available for both miles per hour and kilometers per hour. Resultingly eight different tachometers were offered for the 420 and 430 series.
    Since tachometers were an option it is not uncommon for original tractors to be lacking this valuable feature. These meters allow the operator to monitor engine hours (at PTO speed), ground speed and RPM’s. Especially important was the use of the tachometer in conjunction with PTO driven equipment as there is a mark indicating rated PTO speed.
    Beginning with the letter series tractors John Deere also printed the model number on the tachometer face plate. With the introduction of the 30 series two cylinder model tractors John Deere eliminated the model designation on the face plate and incorporated the tachometer part number in its place. Despite the fact that different model tractors had different faceplates, John Deere used the same tachometer replacement numbers for all models in a series. Steiner Tractor part number
    When restoring an antique John Deere the gauges are often oxidized and unreadable. Additionally, the gauges may also be worn out and either reading improperly or not at all. And of course the speed-hour meter was an option, therefore many of these tractors had a button plug in place of this gauge. If a restorer wishes to update tractors lacking tachometers with the addition of a tachometer then a drive will also be needed as well as a cable.
    Lastly, mechanical tachometers are driven with a cable which is enclosed in a sheath or housing. The cable will break over the course of time especially as the grease inside of the tachometer dries up. Steiner Tractor part number
    Steiner Tractor Parts is pleased to offer a universal replacement tachometer for many Waterloo built two cylinder John Deere tractors -JDS584. Now available are tachometers for John Deere 420 and 430 model wheel tractors. These tachometers are available for 4 and 5 speed transmissions. The part numbers are: JDS1535 (four speed 420), JDS1479 (five speed 420), JDS1533 (four speed 430) and JDS1533 (five speed 430). John Deere subs all of these tachometers to the 1010 tachometer. Steiner offers the 1010 tachometer as well as many New Generation tachometers and cables. Their part number is JDS1499.
    Steiner also offers original steel housing cables. The cable for the 420 and 430 is part number JDS790. Most Waterloo cables are also available. With the exception of the 80 – 830 cable they are all clad with steel. The 80 – 830 cable is PVC.

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