Spark Plug Covers

    Where do I get Spark Plug Covers for my 2 Cylinder John Deere???

Steiner Tractor Parts offers original style spark plug covers for John Deere models. The spark plug covers are high quality reproductions with many different styles available. All of the spark plug covers are powder coated in John Deere Green and include the grommet. The following covers are sold individually:

The John Deere Model H requires JDS095L & JDS095R. These are currently priced at $34.95 each.
The Early John Deere 50 (up to serial number 5018449), Early John Deere 60 (up to serial number 6035399), and early John Deere 70 (up to serial number 7012349) use the JDS548 (Left) and JDS550 (Right). Order one of each for your tractor. These are currently priced at $34.95 each.
The Late 50 (serial number 5018450 & higher), Late 60 (serial number 6035400 & higher) and Late 70 (serial number 7012350 & higher) use the JDS552 (Left) and JDS554 (Right). These are currently priced at $34.95 each.
Steiner Tractor Parts also offers the spark plug covers for the John Deere 520, 530, 620, 630, 720, and 730 2 cylinder models. These tractors use JDS556 (Left) and JDS558 (Right). These are currently priced at $34.95 each.
Also, if you are interested in repairing your original spark plug covers, Steiner Tractor Parts can help with that also. They are offering the rubber grommets for the hole in the spark plug cover as a separate item. This grommet can be used on any of the above models except the early 50, 60 & 70 as they do not require a grommet at all. The part number for the grommet alone is JDS567 (currently priced at $1.15 each). These are sold individually so you will require 2 pieces for your tractor. Remember, if you are purchasing new spark plug covers from Steiner Tractor Parts, the grommets are included.

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