My oil pump BROKE!!

> Dear Meli: I own a B series John Deere tractor.
> When it was shut down the oil pressure was normal.
> However, when I restarted it, I heard a loud metallic
> click and had no oil pressure.

Get a new coupling from Steiner Tractor PartsGet a new coupling from Steiner Tractor Parts   The oil pump is turned by a vertical shaft that is geared from the governor. The shaft is in two parts with a coupling connecting the two. The original couplings were made of cast iron so that THEY would BREAK (like the one on the left) if, for any reason, the oil pump could not turn. If the coupling DIDN'T break, the governor and/or camshaft gears would become SEVERELY damaged. Be VERY careful when you buy a replacement coupling - a cheap steel one might actually be TOO tough and might not BREAK when it needs to.
    Steiner Tractor Parts makes a coupling (on the right) out of exactly the right material with exactly the right hardness. If it is too hard, it will not break, too soft and it will break when itís not appropriate. And guess what? It's made in U.S.A.!
   The oil pump is located in the lowest part of the crankcase. If there is any water in the oil, and it has frozen, THAT is where the ice will be. That is probably what has happened; the oil pump was frozen stuck.
    You need to unbolt it from the bottom of the tractor. (It is the circular plate with three bolts in it, right in front of the oil drain plug). Be sure to find ALL of the broken pieces of the coupling. Get a new coupling from Steiner Tractor Parts and slide the pump back into place.
Pay Attention!!!

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