The Three-Way Fuel Valve

    I have taken apart my three-way valve and cleaned it and tried to "repack" it, but the parts are so worn out that no matter what I do, it still LEAKS. Where can I get a NEW 3-way Fuel Valve??

Pay Attention!!!     STEINER TRACTOR PARTS has brand new ones in stock. The one pictured here is yours - the most common one (John Deere part number AB2805R). You would order Steiner's part number JDS660, which fits the John Deere Model A (SN 497590- 697756), the Model AR (SN 260000 - 280849), the Model B (SN 94494 - 305246), the Model D (SN 148872 - 191777), the Model H (SN 20650 & UP), and the Model G (SN 13000 - 59701)
Click this picture to find out where to get a new valve     Dan Steiner spent years perfecting the samples of these new valves before going into production. As you can see, they look just like the original, but they function better than the original. Dan used all new materials on the inside to improve the seal. He has done so much research that he has really become quite an expert on these 3 way valves.
   All you have to do is click on the pictures of the valves to go to Steiner Tractor Parts and find out more about the valve you need.

   Steiner's also stocks the 3-way valves for the unstyled tractors. Be sure to check your serial number because some of the very earliest unstyled tractors use a different valve than the later ones.
Click this picture to find out where to get a new valveSteiner's part number JDS661, which replaces John Deere number AD680R, fits all of the unstyled row-crop Model A's (SN 410859 - 476999), the earliest unstyled B's (SN 1000 - 11621), all of the unstyled D's (SN 30400 - 143799), and all of the GP's.     
Click this picture to find out where to get a new valve Steiner's JDS659 (John Deere's AB609R) fits the John Deere unstyled AR (SN 250000 - 259999), the unstyled B (SN 11622 - 59999), the unstyled BR (SN 325000 & UP), and the unstyled G (SN 1000 - 12999)

   Now.... If the previous owner of your tractor has REMOVED the old three-way valve, then he probably replaced the original fuel lines with "home made" ones. You can get replacements for the original fuel lines from Steiners. Just click the banner below to visit their web site...

    STEINER TRACTOR PARTS has a 528 + page catalog with over 4,500 parts. You can shop online, or by telephone. Steiner's employs a staff of 42 individuals that process orders, ship packages and work in customer service. They are constantly expanding the inventory to meet their customers growing requirements. At the same time, they are striving to increase quality and selection. The company focus is to make Steiner Tractor Parts the best value and quality for your restoration parts needs.

    Please click the banner below to visit their web site...

Steiner Steiner Tractor Parts
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Lennon, Michigan 48449
Phone 1-800-234-3280
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