OEM Style 3-point hitch kits for
John Deere 520, 530, 620, 630, 720, & 730

    Where can I get an Original Equipment Style three-point hitch for a John Deere 520, 530, 620, 630, 720, or 730?

Pay Attention!!! Steiner Tractor part number JDS360
    OEM Style 3-point hitch kits for John Deere 520, 530, 620, 630, 720, & 730 are “Back In Stock” or WILL be, shortly. Steiners has made a considerable investment in tooling to make these parts as true to the original as possible. This is not a "generic" three point hitch; this is a REAL one! These have been completely unavailable for years. Steiners will be the only company offering the complete hitches.
    The top links are new & improved. The fit of the ball will be correct and exactly like the original. The quality of the casting has been improved and they now include the casting numbers.
    There are two hitch kits available. You can see both of them on Steiners' website. (they are taking pre-orders). Also, all components are available separately. This is important because if you have a missing or broken part to your original hitch, you can replace just THAT part. The top link is often missing when you find a hitch that has been removed from its original tractor. Sometimes it's missing even if the hitch is still ON the tractor!

  • The JDS360 hitch fits the John Deere 520, 530, 620, and 630
  • The JDS1424 fits the 720 & 730. The only difference in the kits is the elephant ears.
  • Dimensions & Notes: Includes 2 adjustable uprights, 1 left hand lower lift arm, 1 right hand lower lift arm, 1 left hand elephant ear, 1 right hand elephant ear, 1 top link, 1 each left hand & right hand sway blocks and 4 bushings.
  • Replacement: AF2798R, AF2873R, AR2191R, R21717, F2784R, R21718, F2785R, F2786R, F2779R, F2778R, AF2714R, AF2716R, AF2715R, AF2716R, AF2676R (handle), 16H1419 (rivet/pin), AF2704R, F2675R, F2671R, 16H1419, F2676R, F2675R, 34H152, 34H118, DA5883A, F2673R, F2674R, JD7759, 19H1901, 12H303, 14H785, B2804R, F2671R, AF2706R, AF2707R, F2670R, 34H78, 11H218, F2679R, AF2704R, AF2706, AF2707R, F2670R, AF2706, AF2707R, AA6610R, AA6609R, A5731R, A5712R
     All you have to do is click on the part number of the hitch to go to Steiner Tractor Parts and find out more about it, and how to order it.

    STEINER TRACTOR PARTS has a 528 + page catalog with over 4,500 parts. You can shop online, or by telephone. Steiner's employs a staff of 42 individuals who process orders, ship packages and work in customer service. They are constantly expanding the inventory to meet their customers growing requirements. At the same time, they are striving to increase quality and selection. The company focus is to make Steiner Tractor Parts the best value and quality for your restoration parts needs.

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