What is this "anvil" for?

   This is a picture of my anvil. Do you have information identifying the alphabetical designations? Years ago, I used this unit many times, but I do not know the full features. Shame on me!! Thanks,

This is a riveting anvil
Pay Attention!!!
   This is a convenient "rivetingblock" for removing and replacing guard plates, knife sections, wrist pins, and for straightening knives on sicklebar mowers. "A" and "B" are holes used in riveting the wrist pin to the flywheel. "C" indicates a hole through which sheared rivets are driven. Removable, hardened riveting posts are shown at "D". "E" is the guard plate riveting post. "F" indicates the hole through which the old rivet is driven. "G" is a groove for the knife back. When shearing sections, the knife back rests on edge "H". The grooves "I" steady the knife. "J" is the rivet set used in completing the job of riveting.

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