Hey Meli...
   Does anyone publish a magazine for antique tractor collectors?
   Yes INDEED!! There are several magazines available. Some specialize in certain brands and a couple of them encompass ALL different colors of tractors. You'll be able to see current ads for all KINDS of parts and services. That INCLUDES salvage yards, too.
   You know, magazines and books are STILL the best place to find detailed articles about your favorite tractors. THINK about it. Anyone who writes articles like that, wants to be PAID for them. If the information is given away for free on the internet, the author derives very little benefit from it.

   Okay, I came here looking for John Deere information.
   Okay, I'll start with the John Deere magazines. "Two-Cylinder" is bi-monthly and it specializes in two-cylinder tractors from the 1920's up to 1960, and also includes the "New Generation" tractors, made in the 1960's. "Green Magazine" is monthly, and in addition to two-cylinder tractors, it also includes tractors, implements and other John Deere products that were made AFTER 1960. We get both of these magazines here at
Two-Cylinder Magazine
PO Box 430
Grundy Center, Iowa 50638
Green Magazine
2652 Davey Road
Bee, NE 68314-6269

   And what about the others?
   ALL antique tractors are interesting, and some are absolutely INTRIGUING! has subscribed to the following magazine for MANY years. It includes articles and ads for ALL brands of tractors. This magazine is bi-monthly.
Antique Power
PO Box 838
Yellow Springs, OH 45387

   And there are OTHERS, too??
   Yep, some of the OTHER colors have magazines of their own, too. The best known one is "Red Power" for International and Farmall collectors. It is bi-monthly. I believe the others are quarterly. You are on your OWN with these; we don't subscribe to them. There are also some other newsletters available for a few other brands. When I find them I'll add them to this page.
Red Power Magazine
PO Box 245
Ida Grove, Iowa 51445
712-364 - 2131

The M-M Corresponder
Gaylen Mohr
3693 M Avenue
Vail, Iowa 51465

J.I. Case Collectors' Assoc.
400 Carriage Drive
Plain City, OH 43064

Ford 9N-2N-8N-Newsletter
C/O Gerard Rinaldi
P.O. Box 275
East Corinth, VT 05040

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