Model B Service Manual

Not for sale!! Get the PARTS CATALOG!!     If you had an old car from the 1950's or 1960's you probably remember the "Motors Auto Repair Manuals". That was BEFORE there were a MILLION different models of cars. The "Motors" manual showed you how to fix ALL of the cars, and it did it WELL! Why am I telling you this?
    There is a service manual for the John Deere Model B that is even MORE thorough than the "Motors" manuals. It is the SM-2004 Model B Tractors service manual.
    You can get one from DAVENPORT TRACTOR for the special price of $49. The pages of these manuals are printed on heavy sepia toned paper and they are drilled to fit standard binders. In order to keep the cost down, the sale price is for the pages ONLY. (You can put them in ANY binder.)
    This is the manual that was in use by John Deere dealers back when your Model B was still in everyday use on the farm. You'll find EVERYTHING from maintenance and lubrication all the way up to how to take the differential apart! The BEST part is that the photographs in THIS manual are clearer than the ones in the manual that John Deere has been selling for the past few years. There's even a "fly out" lubrication chart.
   Be sure to take a look at the General Service manual too. (See below)
   The unbound pages for this manual are available from DAVENPORT TRACTOR. Please visit their site to place your order. Buy your OWN manual for $49 NOW!
    You can also get the GENERAL SERVICE MANUAL (Tractors and Engines, SM2000) from DAVENPORT TRACTOR. The price is $22. This manual contains detailed information about valves, electrical equipment, carburetors and fuel systems for ALL of the early "letter series" two cylinder "row crop" tractors. Take a look HERE to learn more about it.

SM-2004     This optional John Deere binder is available from DAVENPORT TRACTOR. Please visit their site.

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