I want to give my antique John Deere tractor a complete overhaul. Is it still possible to get all of the gaskets I will need to put it back together

Manifold Gaskets Never mind clicking on me... Pay Attention!!!     Davenport Tractor actually MANUFACTURES their own replacement gaskets for many of the applications that John Deere dealers no longer supply.

Head Gasket
    Where can I get the gaskets?

Rear End Gasket     Click on ANY gasket on this page and you'll be taken to the GASKET PAGE at Davenport Tractor. If you want to see what else Davenport Tractor can help you with, click on the banner below.

The gaskets shown on this page are for the John Deere Model B. The manifold gasket, the head gasket, and the "rear end" gasket.

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