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   My John Deere tractor has a DISTRIBUTOR instead of a magneto. The cap that is on it looks like this. Where can I get a "tune up kit" with points, a condenser and a rotor?
Distributor Cap   The distributor cap shown above was made by Delco-Remy. Some of the John Deere's have a distributor with a cap like the one shown in this second picture, it was also made by Delco-Remy. Delco distributors that have these "clip held" caps use the SAME points, condensor and rotor.

The Points     You can get the "points kits" for these distributors from Davenport Tractor. ALL of the Delco distributors that have a "clip held" cap use kit #1018.

   Your next question might be, "If my tractor has two cylinders, why does the distributor cap have FOUR terminals?" That's because Delco made an "all purpose" cap. Only the TWO terminals that your tractor uses are "live". If you need a new one of these caps, you can get one from Davenport Tractor, but FIRST, click HERE for some important information. There are TWO different caps!!

    If your tractor has a WICO distributor, Davenport Tractor can supply you with a tune up kit for the Model XB distributor, too.

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