How do I attach the trip rope to the seat?

Trip rope Holder Never mind clicking on me... Pay Attention!!!     You should never EVER tie the trip rope to the seat. If your plow hits a rock and the safely hitch releases from your tractor, the rope will yank the seat right off your tractor, and perhaps it will yank YOU off with it!! What you need is one of these things - a trip rope release - part number DA2768A. The part with the "eye" in it goes through one of the holes in the seat, and the wire part clips onto it from underneath.
    Here is a picture from page 12 of the directions for the use of the John Deere N0. 52 plow. (In this manual, the part is listed as number 16146A). Below, is a picture I took of MY tractor seat. I used a larger metal ring so you can see the wire "clip" more clearly. You can get a reproduction trip rope release from Davenport Tractor.

Trip rope holder
Trip rope holder

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