What kind of bolts are these, and how do I get them OUT!!?

Clutch Head Bolts Never mind clicking on me... Pay Attention!!!     These are called "Clutch Head Bolts". They were used on the later "letter series" tractors to fasten the grills and sheet metal parts to the tractor, (See parts number 11 and 15 in the illustration below). At least these have a hex shape to them. The earlier ones had a ROUND head and there was really NO way to remove them except with a special driver. And guess what?? You can get the driver from Davenport Tractor!!
    Why did they use bolts like this!!?
Driver     For the same reason we use "Phillips Head Screws" in mass production today. It is much easier and faster to install them with a power driver than it would be if they used regular bolts. This driver is a "socket" that fits your regular 3/8" drive ratchets. Get one today, and it will make life MUCH easier!!
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