My "B" has flat spokes with one rim having plates welded on the spokes against the rib in the center of the rim. The other rim having the spokes welded directly to the rib in a staggered fashion. I hope you can understand what I'm trying to explain.

   Those are called "cutoff" wheels. They were made out of steel wheels where the old steel "tires" were cut off and rims for rubber tires were welded in. Unfortunately, there are a LOT of tractors like this, and everybody who HAS one would like to get his hands on a GOOD set of wheels. And guess WHAT? There AREN'T enough good ones to go around! The only way I ever found any, was to buy a whole 'nother tractor along WITH the wheels. Then... even if I swap wheels around to my GOOD tractor, I'm STILL stuck with another tractor with CUTOFFS!!
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"Those Oldies But Goodies"
Little Caesar and the Romans, 1961

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