I own a Model B and I was wondering if you knew of any 2cyl clubs or registers of 2cyl tractors. I am asking this question as I live in the United kingdom and can not find any. Hope you can help.
Many thanks...
Ipswich, UK
Hi Simon,
   There are MANY Two-Cylinder Clubs, but the are all "local" to their own area and they don't maintain data bases or anything. What is usually referred to as "THE" Two-Cylinder Club is actually a magazine, and it is certainly worth subscribing to. I wouldn't be WITHOUT it. They don't register the tractors of members, but they DO have access to John Deere's "build records" which show the dates and shipping destinations of MOST of the tractors. This information is NOT on the internet. You have to contact them, and for a price, they will look up whatever information is available for YOUR particular serial number.

   Okay then, how do I get in touch with them?
    "Two-Cylinder" is bi-monthly and it specializes in tractors from the 1920's up to 1960. It sometimes includes tractors, implements and other John Deere products that were made AFTER 1960.
Two-Cylinder Magazine
PO Box 430
Grundy Center, Iowa 50638

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