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    As the "spokesperson" of this web site, I can answer the following question:

> Hello Meli,
> I have an unstyled Model B. It has
> flat spoked wheels not round ones.
> Why are some flat and some round?

    The early Model B, and many of the other tractors of that era came with steel wheels as standard equipment. These wheels had flat spokes. Wheels with rubber tires were an extra cost option. Those wheels were also available from "day one" and they had round spokes. When farmers discovered that rubber tires provided MUCH more traction than steel wheels with cleats, and the RIDE was easier, they cut off the old steel "rims" and welded in new rims for rubber tires. Most of the "flatspoked wheels" are of this type. You can tell by looking at the welds, which run the gamut from rough and "globby" to sometimes neatly done. Sometime, later along the line, the factory started making "replacement" wheels with rubber tires. These have flat spokes, but they are not welded; each spoke sets into a "dimple" in the rim.

> What does it do to the value?
> Thanks

    As you might have guessed, the round spoke wheels are the most desirable, and I am afraid there are not enough of them to go around. (heh heh). The next best wheels would be the "factory flat spoke" ones, even though they didn't originally come with the tractor. The welded wheels, known as "Cutoffs" are better than NO wheels!!
    A Model B with good factory made round spoke wheels is worth at least $1000 more than one with cutoffs. HOWEVER... It is very difficult to BUY a set of the wheels. Even if you can FIND them, they will probably cost you MORE than $1000. Like I said, there aren't enough wheels to..... Oh, YOU know!!

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