Where can I sell my tractor?

I'm a valuable antique!!
Pay Attention!!!

Hang a "for sale" sign on it!

    The best place to sell a tractor is "locally". That way your buyer can LOOK at it before he buys it, and he won't have to pay a phenomenal amount of money to have it shipped to his location. That way he can afford to give YOU more for it. Sometimes just putting the tractor out front with a "FOR SALE" sign on it, will take care of EVERYTHING. Also, don't be afraid to advertise in your local "swap shop" newspapers or "want advertisers". If there is a local "farm paper", be sure to put an ad in THAT, too.
    You can place a free "For Sale Ad" right here on Retired Tractors.com.There are other sites on the internet where people place ads selling tractors. Some of them are free, some require membership (to cut down on spam), and some charge a small fee. The sites that allow free advertising do it so that there will be something NEW for viewers to look at every day, so that they will keep coming back.

    These are some of the sites that have ads for tractors and other items that are for SALE. YOURS can be there TOO! The only drawback is, your potential buyer might be way over at the other end of the country!

Retired Tractors.com Ads
Sell Your Tractor.com
Antique Tractor Internet Service Ads
Antique Tractor Resource Page Ads

    NOW... If you are ready to sell your tractor, , post a "for sale ad" on as many sites as you can find. It will increase your exposure on the internet and there will be a greater chance that someone who wants what you have will see your ad.
    WATCH OUT, though! As soon as you advertise something on the internet, you are going to get scam responses. NO problem as long as you don't respond to them. Here's how to recognize them: Click HERE.

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